Hello, I'm Molly Duncan and I am a late starter in painting.  I am self-taught  and since 2016 have participated in some of the most worth-while online courses that were on offer from internationally renowned artists, starting from the basics and these courses would have made up for a 5-year fine art study.  My art background previously was folk art to lead lighting, ceramics to slumping wine bottles at my home studio in Perth.  So here I am in my third year of teaching abstracts in oil & cold wax medium workshops - I introduced cold wax medium to Cairns and have done 21 workshops to date, and held one major solo exhibition at Tanks Visitor Centre, Cairns. 

I have also been a finalist at the Cairns Art Society 2021 Exhibition, and a finalist in 2022 with two highly commended paintings.  So I can teach you to paint!!

I would like to thank everyone who have attended my workshops and hope you keep coming to refresh your skills.

Why I created this website

I want to share with you the joys of painting in oil & cold wax medium.  You see I've always wanted to paint but had difficulty picking up a paintbrush or holding it longer than a few seconds because arthritis got in the way. With the ergonomic silicone scraper there is less strain on my hand and I can now enjoy painting again. AND YOU CAN TOO! SO DON'T LET HAND CHALLENGES STOP YOU FROM MAKING ART!!


This website gives me the opportunity to showcase my work and make it affordable for art lovers to own a piece of original artwork.  My prices are negotiable. So check out my abstracts, available in originals, giclee prints or file.  I am sure there will be one that will liven up your room.  If not please contact me to discuss a commission. 

Another important reason for this website is that since introducing this medium to Cairns in October 2020, it has been wonderful to hear from so many people who have attended my workshops say that they have since come out of art retirement.  So I would like to reach out to more people as it is an easy and forgiving style and therefore it suits all level of artists, from the beginner to the seasoned artist.  There are some that I have taught that have or intending to use this as art therapy to help their clients.  The benefit of participating in a workshop is the hands-on instruction as well as meeting other artists and making new friends.  This is where you come if you don't know how to start your art journey.  I can help you.  Email me at yorkeysart@gmail.com or sms/phone 0451005257

For the seasoned painters, expand your horizon and join the many contemporary artists overseas who are choosing to incorporate cold wax in their art.  Come and have fun and enjoy a painting medium which highlights the art of wabi-sabi which is a Japanese term meaning appreciating the beauty in imperfections.  Let me show you how to play and have fun with your art.    Composition and elements of design can come later.

If you are not able to attend a scheduled workshop, then book a weekday/weekend workshop that suits you.  I'm availabe for one on one sessions.



Molly Duncan’s workshops are filled with creative flare, the medium of cold wax and oil paint  combines technique with improvisation with surprising results. As an Art Therapist I am often intrigued with how different mediums lend themselves to expression, the use of  cold wax and oil paint allows the participant to explore the visual composition of colour and form shaped by ones emotional lens on the day. What one creates in the morning  may look very different to what follows in the afternoon. I highly recommend these workshops, Molly has a gift of drawing out what is ready to be expressed."

Jo Abbatangelo, Kewarra Beach

" Molly Duncan is one of those rare people with an understanding of sharing at a genuine level. Her passion for Cold Wax as a medium is very evident and makes it a soul delight to train under. I am an art novice, but Molly takes what I believe may be complex understandings and shapes them into frameworks of understanding. Each class she aims to reveal something new to the student, even those more advanced art students. I have found her to be an inspiring and encouraging person, teaching me the importance of placing art into my busy life when I don't feel I have capacity nor priority for... to me that's a true teacher. I have found Wax Art to be a very liberating medium, and I would completely advocate her skill/knowledge and desire to inspire you in your journey with it!" Jacqui K S (Clifton Beach)

“Molly is such a warm and inclusive human. Her own spectrum of life experiences allows her to adjust her teaching style to suit each of her students’ needs, abilities and learning styles.
Molly’s infectious ‘drive to create’ provides ample momentum for students to see their own progress and potential very quickly.   It was exciting to walk beside other students rediscovering their dormant inner artist through cold wax painting.  Cannot recommend Molly’s class enough.”  Riki Blythe, North Cairns

You are an amazing teacher full of understanding and patience. I will look forward to the next your painting lessons if you don't mind.  Thank you. 😘   Katerina Srna,  Yorkeys Knob

"An absolutely fantastic workshop run by Molly! My husband and I were on holidays from Sydney and spent two wonderful afternoons exploring our creativity and learning how to paint with oil and wax in an abstract form.  
Molly's expertise and encouragement made us feel so totally at ease and we can't wait to do it again! As total beginners we learnt a great deal, thoroughly enjoyed the experience and wish that Molly lived in Sydney! We will definitely be signing up for more workshops in the future!"

Sally & Paul Boyer, Sydney